Friday, August 7, 2015

How To Get Mesos Fast in Maplestory 2015

Note: This guide deals with only legit ways of earning money in the game and does not discuss hacking, cheating, scams, etc. It's also assuming you have a decent level character with decent gear so you can at least run the easy and normal level of the main bosses.

There are various ways you can earn mesos in Maplestory.  Some ways are easier than others.  Some ways are faster than others. The fastest way to make mesos is also the most expensive way. Just spend a bunch of money and buy meso bags from the cash shop.  Of course most people don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on Maplestory, so this is where this guide comes into play.

The Right Perspective
The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what are you trying to get mesos for.  Maybe you're trying to buy a basic fafnir set? Maybe you really want a certain chair?  Or maybe you really need a lot of spell traces?  Whatever it is, set a goal and use this guide to help you reach that goal.

The thing about Maplestory is there are always things to be working toward, and you'll find you are always working toward several things at once.  This is what makes the game engaging and fun in my opinion.

I have this three prong approach that I like to use. 

1. Collecting Meso Drops From Monsters
This is by far one of the easiest ways of earning mesos in Maplestory.  Of course it is also slow and boring.  You can make it less boring and faster by having a pet with the advanced pickup feature though.  You can buy it from the cash shop.  It's the skill that makes the pet actually walk on it's own and pickup items.

Here's the formula. Find a map that isn't too big but with high monster spawn rate/density that you can kill quickly.  Do this while using a familiar that increases meso drop rate or similar boosts.

2. Selling Drops From Bosses
I love this method.  Once you are able to kill all the main bosses you'll be able to rack up quite a few million mesos by simply selling the potion stacks and useless equips you find from bosses.  I think I earned around 11 mil yesterday, and I didn't even kill ALL the bosses.

Keep an eye out for dropped items that have EPIC potential and above.  % to main stat potentials are always useful and you might be better off selling those in the free market.

3. Selling Stuff in the Free Market Using a Robot Stand
This method takes a little work but is the most lucrative and I find it fun.  The cool thing about it is once you set it up you can just move on to other methods of making mesos while it does the work for you.

Robot stands currently cost 1700 reward points.  Rewards points can be earned through bossing and star planet mini games.  The robot stand can be setup in any open free market space and will stay open until it expires.

What's awesome is you don't have to stay logged in for it to work.  So you can just list your items and come back later to check it.  It;s such an exciting feeling waking up in the morning and checking your stand and finding 10's of millions of mesos :)

Figuring out what to sell is where the work comes in.  It's a market place, so things change all the time. The key is to have a process and become familiar with the value of items.

These days it's really easy to price items.  All you have to do is go to any main general store NPC (Henesys, Leafre, etc.) and buy a bunch of Owl's of Minerva.  Then go into the free market and go through any trade-able items you aren't using and see how much they are selling for.  Any sort of enhancement items usually sell well and are always in demand.  Such as scrolls, cubic blades, etc.  B and higher nebulites are good too.

Make sure to write down a list of the items you are going to sell and their prices so you can easily list them once you buy your Robot stand.  Simply price the items lower than the lowest person selling the item so your items come up first when someone searches for them.

Once you get some experience you'll know which items are in high demand but are short on stock so you can price higher. It takes time to learn the details, but you'll get it eventually.

Multiple Characters
Finally, remember that your bank and cash shop reward points are shared between all your characters.  Plus bosses can only be run a certain amount of times per day per character.  So by all means level multiple characters so you can run more bosses for more reward points and more mesos :)

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