Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Maplestory Black Heaven: First Chapter

Today Maplestory announced the first chapter of the new update called Black Heaven.  There will be a series of updates that will expand on the main story line of the game.  The first one comes in the form of some revamps of resistance characters.

Character Revamps
They are only revamping the Mechanic, Wild Hunter and Battle Mage though, and left out the Demon Slayer for whatever reason.  Maybe in a later update?  Anyway, March 11th is when this patch goes live.

New Game Mechanics
They are hinting at new graphics updates and other with new content, like aerial battles.  Check out the Black Heaven Trailer video.

Free Gift Pack!
An interesting little bonus for this patch. They are having people register on the 9th for a free gift pack. See the details of the gift pack below.

"Register for Black Heaven: First Chapter before March 9th with an account that is Level 33 or higher. Then log in to MapleStory after the update goes live, but before midnight on March 14th, to receive a FREE Black Heaven Ignition Gift Pack!

*Black Heaven Ignition Gift Pack includes Orchiroid Coupon, Royal Hair Coupon, Royal Face Coupon, Hair Color Coupon (VIP), Gelimer, Gelimer's Teddy, Pet Snack, 1000 Reward Points Token, Character Slot Expansion Coupon and EXP Present Box (10).

*Limit 1 gift package per event-registered account. Only available to accounts in good standing that are Level 33 or higher as of March 4, 2015. Registrations must be confirmed prior to midnight on March 9th to be eligible. Gift package will be distributed to all confirmed registrants approximately 1 week after end of log-in period. Nexon America's computers will be the official time-keeping devices. All times in Pacific Daylight Time."

I'm already excited for the mechanic updates.  I was already having fun playing the old mechanic.  Can't wait to see the new look and skills.

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