Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Maplestory Power Leveling Guide 2015

UPDATE: Join my guild, Interstellar :)

Hello Maplers!  This guide will show you the best spots to train along with dungeons and party quests to get you leveled up as fast as possible in GMS.  Whether you're new or getting back into maplestory after a long break, this guide will help you.

The information in this guide is up to date as of January 2015, where Star World became available and Blaze Wizards became awesome.  Maplestory has made it easier than ever before to level up quickly.  A lot has changed in the past year to make things easier to get leveled up.  

You can follow the built in Maple Guide to level up also, but I found it doesn't always give you the best results depending on how you like to play.  This guide will help out with that.

NOTE: For the best results you should start a character at the beginning of a 2x event.  They usually have one every weekend.  For even BETTER results purchase a 2x coupon on top of it from the cash shop and you'll get to 4th job in like a few hours if you follow this guide.

Pro Tip :) - Keep track of Tot's Know how as you level and complete all of the tasks as soon as possible.  You can get some very useful stuff right off the bat.  Gear every 10 levels, a pet, inventory expansion card and even a 1.5x EXP coupon, plus more.

Level 1-30 - Character Quests
Most character classes have their own quest line to begin which will help you level up from 1 to 30 quickly. You can usually follow those quests and you'll be level 30 in no time.  However if you wish to just start slapping around innocent looking snails and such, to power level right off the bat, then the following info will help.

Level 15-30 - Golems (Golem's Temple) or Blue Mushmom
If you prefer to just grind monsters for leveling, then Golems are the way to go here.  NPC Bruce has been moved right inside of the Golem training grounds now.  So you can even do his simple quests for the Golems as well to speed up leveling to 30.

Depending on how powerful your class is at the beginning, I've found that just hunting Blue Mushmom over and over will get you to 30 pretty quickly.  Just start at channel 1 and go up 1 channel until you find him.  Once you kill he'll always appear in the next sequential channel.

Level 20-30 Evil Eyes (Ellinia) - Various maps in Ellinia.  They have a large density and spawn.

Level 30-40 - Theme Dungeon (Faerie Forest)
Once you hit level 30 you should get a quest notifier in the white bulb for this theme dungeon. Follow the quest line here and you'll be teleported to Ellinia.  Talk to Fanzy and start the quest.  It's pretty straight forward and will get you to 35 quickly.  If you happen to be on 2x you should get to 40.  You get a medal at the end.

Level 40-50 - Theme Dungeon (Gold Beach)
At 40 you'll get a quest notifier to enter gold beach.  Lots of monster killing quests here so 2x really shines.  You can get to 50 pretty easy.  You get a medal at the end.

Level 50-60 -  Theme Dungeon (Rein Strait)
This is a new and fun little dungeon to level you from 50-60.  You sail a boat from place to place doing quests and following a neat little story line.  You even get a decent face accessory at the end.

Level 50-69 - Ludi PQ (Lubridium Party Quest)
Party questing has been simplified.  You can use dimensional mirror to access the party quest zone where most of the PQ's are on 1 map.  Most people use Ludi PQ to level from 60-100.  You just need a party of 3.  Go to the PQ map in channel 1 and shout J<Ludi PQ.  Run this over and over for about 1 level per run.

Level 60-65 - Theme Dungeon (Mushroom Castle)
This is now a level 60 dungeon.  Charse castle has been removed and Mush Castle has been revamped as a level 60 dungeon with a whole cinematic theme to it.  It's kind of slow for leveling because of all the story content but if you enjoy that stuff it's not a bad little run.  It even has a tiny jump quest to annoy you.

Level 65-70 - Drakes (Sleepywood)
Good ol' Drakes!  The very first map outside of Sleepywood has been and remains a great little spot to train.  Depending on the killing power of your class, you can level anywhere from 60-80.  The monster density is always high here.  You can even do the drake attack and Ronny's marble quest lines for added EXP.

Level 70-90 - Sand Rats and Scorions (Ariant) - Go to Magatia and go 2 screens left.  You'll find a map with a high density and spawn rate.

Level 80-90 - Roids (Magatia) - Another popular map with high spawn and simple map to navigate.

Pro tip: As always partying with a Kanna or Bishop will speed up your leveling.  If you have a laptop, level a kanna and bishop on a separate account to 3rd job for kishin and holy symbol skills.  Really helps out for power leveling.  Plus you can charge people mesos for this service.

Level 70-140 - Romeo and Juliet (Party Quest)
You can start this quest as early as level 70.  However, you will find that you will get crappy exp if you are partied with people far from your level.  Try to party with people close to your level as the monster's level is determined by an average of the party's levels.  Most people won't want to complete the PQ.  The key is to get to the map that spawns roids and train there until the time runs out.  I've seen a guy get from level 70-90 in one run!

Level 100+ - Daily Boss Runs (Bossing)

After you've advanced to your 4th job and begin getting some decent gear you'll find that bossing is the most effective method of leveling in the game. Bossing has become much easier now.  Most of the main bosses you can solo now and have easy modes.  Zakum can be easily accessed now through El Nath. Talk to your class's 3rd job instructor and be teleported to Zakum instantly.  No more insane jump quest!

You can now queue up bosses using the party menu.  Click the boss tab. Select a boss and you'll be automatically matched up with other Maplers who queued up the boss.

Try to join a guild and party up for the higher versions of the bosses.

Each class has different capabilities.  Try out each boss to get a feel for how well you can fight them on your own and party and gear up as much as you can.  Remember to always have high % healing potions and all cures when bossing.

Level 50+ Easy Zakum - (El Nath) - Can be soloed pretty easily by any class around level 100 twice a day.  Easy 1 level per run on early levels.

Level 90+ Norm/Chaos Zakum - (El Nath) - Depending on how well geared you are you can solo the normal version of Zakum.  Party with others as needed for Chaos.

Level 115+ Easy Magnus - (Pantheon) - Magnus can be run once per day.

Level 120+ Papulatus - (Lubridium Clocktower)
Complete the quest line and you can run this boss twice a day.

Level 120+ Normal Ranmaru (Dead Mine III) - Normal Ranmaru is pretty easy and can be run twice a day.

Level 120+ Hilla - (Azwan) - Hilla becomes available at 120 and can be run twice per day.  She's pretty easy, just beware of her reflect attack skill.

Level 125+ Root Abyss - (Von Bon, Pierre, Crimson Queen and Vellum) - You need to be partied with at least 1 other person to run RA.  Can be run twice a day.

Level 125+ Easy/Normal Von Lean - (Lion King Castle) - Has damage reflect so can be annoying.  You can die and still continue the fight but you lose exp.

Level 130+ Easy/Normal Horntail - (Minar forest) - Can also be soloed twice a day on easy mode as well.

Pro Tip :) I recommend doing Horntail as your first boss of the day.  Defeating Horntail gives you a +30 ATT buff for an hour.  This will speed up your kill time on all the other bosses.  

Level 135+ Chaos Horntail - (Minar forest) - You need to be pretty strong to solo this boss.  Try to party.

Level 140+ Easy/Normal Arkarium - (Temple of Time) - This boss can be really annoying.  He does a lot of annoying status affects.  You can die up to 20 times however before failing.

Level 140+ Normal Gollux - (Crimsonheart Castle) - Can be done once per day. Easier to do Gollux with a party as there are several parts to battle.

Level 140+ Dimensional Invasion Party Quest - This is a great way to level and even collect boxes and gear.  Party up if you're not strong enough to solo.  Can be run 10 times a day.

Level 140+ Temple of Time (Pink Bean Quest Line) - You can start on the quest line for pink bean.  Lots of monster killing quests.

Level 140+ Princess No (Hieizan Temple) - Can be done 10 times per day.

Level 155+ Normal Magnus (Pantheon) - Can be done once a day.

Level 155+ Stone Colossus Theme Dungeon (Stone Colossus in Minar forest) - Start the quest line in the town.

Level 160+ Normal Pink Bean (Temple of Time) - Can be done once per day.

Level 160+ MP3 (Singapore) - If you go all the way to the right until you see a ghost ship the map your on has a large number of monsters that have a high spawn rate.  Great training spot.

Level 160+ Krexel (Singapore) - Krexel is the giant tree at the top of the building in Singapore.  He is not listed in the boss menu and cant be queued up.  He also has pretty high HP but he's pretty easy an he gives good exp and drops lots of 80+ equips that can be used or sold for mesos.  He can be done twice a day.

Pro Tip :) Activate a rune before entering a boss fight. Us that ATT buff to save time :)

Level 165+ Official Knight B (Second Drill Hall) - This is the most popular and best end game training spot.  Usually full on every channel, but try to find a free spot in a party.  The ideal scenario is to get in a full party that has a Bishop and Kanna during 2x.  Good luck :)

If SDH is absolutely packed then you can try Official Knight A in the First Drill Hall as an alternative.

Level 170+ Chaos Pink Bean (Temple of Time) - Can be done once per day.

Level 170+ Hard Hilla (Azwan) - Can be done twice a day.

Level 170+ Cygnus (Stronghold) - Cygnus can be done only twice in 7 days.

Level 175+ Hard Magnus (Pantheon) - Can be done only once every 7 days.

Level 180+ Kritias (New Theme Dungeon Minar forest) - This new high level dungeon has daily quests that can be done.

Level 180+ Madman Ranmaru (Dead Mine III) - Madman Ranmaru is pretty hard if you dont have a party with high enough DPS.  His minions can heal him fast and these flames will slowly consume the map and instant kill you if touched.

Level 180+ Hard Root Abyss (Von Bon, Pierre, Crimson Queen and Vellum)

Level 200 - 250 Scrapyard
The monsters here are really strong so make sure you have a lot of weapon defense and or dodge.  Also watch out for falling debris on the maps as they can do a lot of damage.

Level 200 - 210 - Alien Visitor PQ - Once you reach 200 this place will become available.  You only need party of 1-4. There are 180 accessories you can get from this PQ as well.  5 stages to complete each run.  Rank B gives about 20 mil exp.


  1. I recommend doing the Star Planet daily for the 2 hours of 2x coupons you can get. It doesnt take that long to do and is really good for leveling, plus you get Reward points you can use to buy stuff like cubes to upgrade your gear so you can kill and level faster. Anyway nice power leveling guide!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Sean :)

  3. Really Good Guide ! Thank You !!! :-))

  4. Replies
    1. Mp3. if u have a pet with meso magnet and u r 140+. i got 6m and 300 spell traces in 1 hour

    2. Yes that is a good place. If you're high level then bossing and selling the pots is an easy way to get a few mil mesos. The best way to get rich is to buy a FM shop using the new rewards points and selling good items. Cubic blades sell for quite a bit and nebulites. You can get cubic blades from commerci bosses.

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  6. I always reccomend Twilight Perion Ancient Mixed Golems for lvls 190+, they give 66k exp instead of the 91k exp from SDH but the spawn rate is just insane, with a good pty you can kill 50+ golems a sec so the exp just goes through the roof, also because of the high spawn rate summoning elite bosses is a lot quicker than in SDH so it also helps to get a good amount of mesos while lvling.
    Sorry about my english it isn't my mother tongue

  7. Whenever I try to enter the Ellinia Forest them dungeon I get stuck at this cutscene that looks like an opening to a forest, any suggestions?

  8. Update on Dimension Invasion since its 5 runs a day now. Also, you might want to add a note on Arkarium that you lose exp when you die.

  9. Worth to mention is that you can also take the New Leaf City quiz (accessible through the dimensional mirror) in level 15 which makes you level to 26 in less than a minute.

  10. I don't feel confident doing bosses and i want to train level 100+. where else do i go to do training?

    1. romeo and juliet party quest is really quite good up to level 140, if your server has enough people to always have a good party. I got from 97-107 in one run once, and that was without any xp mods.

  11. Can you make a guide for dead servers like GAZED where you cant really find anyone to train with and have to basically do everything yourself b/c finding someone to do Hard RA with is just not possible under normal circumstances.

  12. Ok here is the guide:

    Come to BROA or Reboot server :)

  13. MP3 is lvl 94 u sure we go there ? btw is maplesea

  14. MP3 is lvl 94 u sure we go there ? btw is maplesea

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