Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How To Travel Anywhere Fast In Maplestory

Now that the town of Momijigaoka exists it can be leveraged as an amazing tool to travel anywhere in Maplestory very quickly.  No more need for those slow ass boats.  From any town where you have access to the dimensional mirror you can teleport to Momijigaoka.  From there you can get back to the six path crossways so you can use the pantheon teleporter to go anywhere instantly.

First step is to head to Henesys and talk to Spinel - World Tour Guide. She's located on the left side of the town.

Travel to Mushroom shrine (You must travel to mushroom shrine from Henesys for this to work) and head to the right until you get to Showa Town.  Talk to Hikari and ask to enter the bath house.  Once inside buy a bunch of strawberry milks, for traveling back to mushroom shrine.


Now travel back left to mushroom shrine again and talk to Spinel again to travel back to Henesys. Once there you can use the quick move feature at the bottom of the map to go to six path crossways and on to the Pantheon Portal.

It's that simple :)  Now, anytime you need to get somewhere far away, you simply have to return to the nearest town and teleport to Momijigaoka, then use the strawberry milk to get to mushroom shrine, then to Henesys and to ANYWHERE!

UPDATE: You can get straight to Henesys through Friendstory after you complete the first intro.


  1. Sometimes that way doesn't work. Going through momijigaoka to mushroom shrine always works, but because spinel is located in both henesys and orbis, sometimes she only gives you the option of returning to orbis rather than henesys depending on which area you went to momijigaoka from.

  2. In Maple Europe momijigaoka has a portal that gives you the option to travel te henesys straight.

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