Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maplestory Power Leveling Guide 2013

UPDATE: Click Here for an up to date guide for 2015!

These days, leveling up in Maplestory is much faster than it was in the past and this power leveling guide will help guide you.  I will try to keep this as relevant and accurate as possible and update it when necessary.  Things change a lot in Maplestory and there is always new information.   The strategy is to level up quickly but without getting bored.  I found that mixing quests along with the best Themed Dungeons and grinding areas is the best way to level quickly and even making it fun.

NOTE: If possible try to time your leveling when a 2X EXP event is happening.  If you can afford a 2X EXP coupon from the cash shop to stack on top of that, you will find it even easier.

I don't know how you feel, but I hate just grinding for levels. Mixing quests may take a little longer but you don't get as bored.  Not to mention you can get some decent items along the way.

The newest classes such as Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Luminous, Etc. have their own beginning quests to make leveling up much easier.  You should just follow those quests up to the highest point you can.  Leveling from 1-30 is pretty simple with any class.  Just fight golems or blue mushmom right outside of Henesys until you get to 30.  You can even grab some quests along the way to speed things up.  Each town has their own set of quests.  I find that in general doing Henesys quests are the easiest to 30.

Level 1-30 - Your class specific quests or random monsters your level.
For other classes just fight monsters close to your level or Henesys quests.  If you are completely new to Maplestory then click on the leveling up guide below the map to get info on monsters your level.  You want to fight monsters that you can kill only in 1 hit.

NOTE: Nexon has simplified the party quests and leveling up.  At anytime in town you can click the "Quick move then Dimensional Mirror" or "Level-Up Guide" right underwear the map to see what monsters are available for your current level, as well as which party quests are available to you.

Level 30-40 - Mushroom Castle
You should get an invite to this castle at level 30.  Once you do, go there and complete the entire set of quests.  You will level from 30-40 really fast.  You will also get a decent medal by completing all the quests. If you finish the quests before level 40 just do the repeatable quest at the end until you are 40.

Level 40-60 - Drakes -Sleepywood - Silent Swamp
On the first map right outside of sleepy wood is a great spot to train.  High spawn rate and easy map with a teleporter to quickly get to the top.

Level 40-45 - Kerning Shopping Center (CD's)
Head on over to Kerning city and take the subway to the Kerning shopping center.  You can start on the series of quests here and complete those if you want or you can just go straight to the top of escalator and fight CD's.

Keep in mind CD's is a popular map, so if you find it to be too full you can go fight drakes right outside of Sleepywood also.

Level 45-50 - Orbis Quests
Talk to Kreil the Fairy and start the quests to help out Spiruna in the lunar pixie area.  You wont have to do too many quests before you get to 50.  You could even stay at CD's to 50 if you want.

Level 50-70 - Chryse Castle
Once you reach level 50 go to Orbis and go one screen to the left and talk to Ericsson.  You should get an invite automatically at level 50.  Talk to the giant people here and do all the quests they tell you too.  The quests are pretty easy and you can level pretty fast to 70 if you follow them all.  Once you defeat the boss in this area you can get a repeatable quest that gives you over 50k exp each time.  Not bad at all.  If you are on 2x EXP you can just grind on the first map of rabbits until 60 really fast.

Level 70-75 - Sakura Castle
You should get an invite to this castle at 70.  Otherwise just click on the mirror portal for party quests and is listed there.  Complete all the quests and the Gigtoad boss to get to 75 quickly.  You can start Omega Sector's quests at 70 but Sakura Castle is faster to 75.

Level 75-80 - Omega Sector
If you do all the quests in Omega sector involving the aliens you will go from 70-80 pretty quickly and you will be moving around a lot and doing different things so it is not grindy.  Depending on your class and how well you can kill mobs you can sit in the map that has a heavy spawn rate of Zeta Grey's.  Those are the flying ones.  They can give you pretty good exp.

Level 80-85 - You have a few options here

Jesters in Haunted Mansion
Roids/Neo Roids in Magatia

Gallopera in Malaysia

Depending on how your character plays these areas can be good or bad.  Try them all and see which you prefer.

Level 90-110 - Aliens in NLC NERFED

You can go to New Leaf City and complete the alien quests.  Talk to the Mayor.  Once complete you get access to the alien maps.  They give 1000 experience each.

Level 100+ - Evolution System

This new PQ is a really good replacement for LHC leveling beyond 100.  You can customize the maps controlling attributes like monster levels and HP, map background, types of drops, etc.

Level 100-110 - Again a couple options

Ghost Pirates in Ludibrum
Dual Ghost Pirates in Ludibrum
Master Death Teddy in Ludibrum

NOTE: Lion Heart Castle Party Training Areas have been nerfed :(

Level 120-200 - Kenta in Danger PQ/Escape PQ/Resurrection of the Hob King PQ/Dragon Rider PQ

I found the Dragon Rider PQ to be particularly fun and you can get the soaring skill to fly around.  The cool thing is you are allowed to do the PQ 10 times n one day.  The EXP is pretty decent as well.  There are pre-quests you have to do.  Talk to Cheif Tatamo in Leafre and start the Dragon Rider's Identity quest.

Level 120+ Soloing Normal Zakum

Finish the pre-quests. (See Youtube for videos) Go to channel 8 and you can solo Zakum twice a day for some really good exp.

Level 120-130 - Papulatus twice a day in Ludibrum

Level 120-130 - Kacchu Musha in Ninja Castle

Level 125-135 - Female Boss in Showa

Level 125-130 - Blue Dragon Turtle in Leafre

Level 125-130 - Red Dragon Turtle in Leafre

Level 125-135 - Rexton in Leafre

Level 125-135 - Brexton in Leafre

Level 140-200 - Dimensional Invasion Party Quest

Level 140-200 - Temple of Time (Furthest map you can go)

Level 165-200 - Official Knight B at Knight Stronghold in Henesys ruins

Level 200-250 - Twilight Perion - Ancient Mixed Golems

The new 250 level cap has opened up a whole new future for Maplestory!


  1. Some constructive feedback:
    There are lots of (pro) players who already have good equips to small fund their new account. i would suggest you to put a small guide for VERY fast leveling.

    This would be included in it:
    -Jesters(40+ depends on funds and class)
    -Party quests:

    1. to enter aliens before lvl 90 use alternatives like mystic door.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.

  3. If I Am under Maplesea how Do I Get To jester ???