Friday, February 3, 2017

Maplestory Power Leveling Guide 2017

We're back!  It's 2017 and Maplestory has underwent HUGE changes!  5th job was introduced along with a whole new continent called Arcane River.  The experience required to level to 200 has decreased, so power leveling is even easier now!  Let's begin!

  • Always look for smaller maps that have 1-2 platforms and have high monster density that you can kill in 1-2 hits.
  • Get as many 2x coupons as you can from events or cash shop along with monster park potions.  2x events during the weekends as well.
  • Level a Kanna on a second account with a laptop to kishin yourself :)

Level 1-30 - Character Class Quests
Most character classes have their own quest line to begin which will help you level up from 1 to 30 quickly. You can usually follow those quests and you'll be level 30 in no time.

Level 30-40 - Theme Dungeon (Faerie Forest)
I like to just level to 35 here so I can get to gold beach.  If you're very new then you should complete all the quests for some goodies.

Level 40-55 - Theme Dungeon (Gold Beach)
Flying fish all day son!  At 40 you'll get a quest notifier to enter gold beach.  Lots of monster killing quests here so 2x really shines.  You can get to 50 pretty easy.  You get a medal at the end.

Level 65-80 - Drakes (Sleepywood)
Good ol' Drakes!  The very first map outside of Sleepywood has been and remains a great little spot to train.  Depending on the killing power of your class, you can level anywhere from 60-80.  The monster density is always high here.  You can even do the drake attack and Ronny's marble quest lines for added EXP.

Level 105+ - Monster Park Reborn - (Dimensional Mirror) - Monster Park is way better than it used to be you get really good exp per run plus the items in the new shop are very useful.  EXP potions!!! You can do monster park 7 times per day.  Twice for free and you can buy additional entry tickets for just 300 reward points each.

Level 80-120 - Sand Rats and Scorions (Ariant) - Go to Magatia and go 2 screens left.  You'll find a map with a high density and spawn rate.

Level 100-130 - Robo's - Apparatus Room (Ludibrium) - Nice dense map with 4 platforms close together.  One of my fav's.

Level 70-130 - Romeo and Juliet (Party Quest)
You can start doing this PQ as early as level 70.  However, you will find that you will get crappy exp if you are partied with people far from your level.  Try to party with people close to your level as the monster's level is determined by an average of the party's levels.  Most people won't want to complete the PQ.  The key is to get to the map that spawns roids and train there until the time runs out.  I've seen a person get from level 70-90 in one run!

Level 120-140 - Captain and Kru - Red Nose Pirate Den 2 or 3 (Herb Town) - Depending on your preference and class either one of these maps are great.

Level 150-160 Stone Colossus Theme Dungeon (Stone Colossus in Minar Forest) - Start the quest line from the light bulb.  Worth completing the whole quest line for a good medal.  There are a few maps with great density to just train on as well.

Level 155-160 - Temple of Time - Pink Bean Quest Line - You might as well do the quest line because it is required to reach 5th job anyway.  It's tedious and boring but much more bearable with another person.

Level 155-160 - MP3 (Singapore) - If you go all the way to the right until you see a ghost ship the map your on has a large number of monsters that have a high spawn rate.  Great training spot.

Level 160+ - Kenta in Danger PQ - This PQ is simple, only requires two people, and gives an amazing amount of experience per run.  You can easily level from 160-170 here and there is no daily limit on how many times you can run it.

Level 160-180 - Ruined Henesys Quests - The quest line here starts at 160.  There are a couple decent maps you can grind on such as Ribbon Pigs and Mutant Snails.  Knight District 2 is pretty good as well.

Level 180-200 - Twilight Perion - Rocky Masks - Forsaken Excavation Site 2 - This is a fantastic map.  Small. Two platforms. Really high density.  Insane with Kishin.  I usually just grind here from 180 to 200.  Great place to farm Elite Bosses too.

Level 200 - 210 - Nameless Town - Daily Quests - This is the first town in Arcane River to gain access to once you reach 5th job.  This is where you'll acquire your first Arcane Symbol which greatly increases your power.

Level 210 - 220 - Chu Chu Island - Daily Quests - Where you'll acquire your second Arcane Symbol.

Level 220+ - Lacheln - Daily Quests - Third Arcane symbol and ultimate power awaits.


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