Friday, September 25, 2015

Maplestory Name Change Event

Ever thought about changing the name of your Maplestory character?  Well guess what.  You will be able to soon.  This is an interesting and unexpected event from Nexon.  Apparently there are millions of names that are just sitting there on inactive accounts.

I guess Nexon decided it's time to clean house!  Here is what they plan to do.

"For the first time ever, we plan to perform a truly massive name change. All characters under Lv. 200 on accounts that have not been logged in since January 1, 2013 will have their names changed to a combination of numerals. This change will be performed in the scheduled maintenance on October 15."

Any account that has not been logged into since the beginning of 2013 will have their character names changed to a series of numbers instead, which will release their character names out into the wild to be used once again.

Too bad they didn't give some examples.  Like, for example the name, "RedDogJesus" will be available once again!  Or one example of a name that will be available will be "MapleGuy".  I wonder if some cool one word names will be available like. "Dude". :)

Anyway, I'm sure when the event happens between October 15th through the 21st it will be fun to check it out.  Everyone will get 1 free name change but you will also be able to purchase additional name changes from the cash shop between October 22nd through October 27th for 10,000NX or $10.  The names will be processed on October 28th.

Some other things to note.  Banned accounts will not be affected so that know maple criminals don't have a way to hide.  Also rankings and everywhere else your name appears will be changed to reflect the new names.

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